eLearning and online learning

eLearning and online learning is the effective use of current technologies to enable people to learn from anywhere, at any time and at any pace.

elearning and online learning adaptive learning south africa

Training material is produced based on what clients need and delivered to users through a computer, tablet or smartphone by means of the internet.

PDC’s eLearning offering is designed to give you an eLearning & online learning solution that mimics one-to-one tutoring, reduces training time, accessible at the employees’ convenience from a variety of smart devices, scalable across the entire organization, limiting the need for instructors, rooms and extended periods of time away from current projects.

What We Do

Our eLearning solutions can be standardised or customised to meet your specific needs. This includes a combination of eLearning assets to increase learning & development which incorporates, but is not limited to, audio, video, animation, gamification, specific scenario tools and user-interaction.


eLearning & Online Learning

Cutting edge online adaptive learning solutions used to combine a blend of gamification, video and scenario tools.


Instructional Videos

Visually demonstrate real world scenarios which capture the subtleties of everyday activities.


Game-based Learning

Combine cutting edge online learning with problem solving skills.


Interactive Storyboards

Reinforce your learning targets by having users choose their own outcomes.