The Cutting Edge of Adaptive Online Learning and Development

Since 2011 Populus Development Consulting has been providing professional hard and soft skills training. From 2017 we added eLearning as a mode of delivery to equip business leaders and operational staff with principles of human effectiveness in a business context, empowering them to deliver Leadership, Management and Operational competencies.

Adopting the latest educational technology, Populus Development intentionally pivoted to 4D Adaptive Learning as a 21st Century learning and development solution. Populus Development has officially partnered with one of the world’s leading adaptive learning software developers, Area 9 Lyceum.

Our Area9 4-Dimensional (4D) adaptive learning platform is a world-first. It develops knowledgecharacter, skills and meta-learning concurrently. These algorithms allow the learner to make mistakes and pursue misconceptions, closely simulating real-world cognitive situations, and providing an effective and engaging experience.

Our 4D adaptive learning engine adapts in real-time to the embedded knowledge and responses of each learner, mimicking one-to-one tutoring, making content exceptionally agile, and actionable for any learner. The adaptive engine keeps the individual on the most efficient path to proficiency, guaranteeing 100% success rate and reducing training time by up to 50%.

PDC has met international standards for service delivery by virtue of their official appointment [2020] as a preferred supplier to an international Financial Services Group.

PDC focuses on, but is not limited to, serving companies operating in Financial Services, Banking, Telecoms, Pharmaceuticals, Energy, Transport and Wholesale & Retail.

PDC has partnered with world class companies in the fields of artificial intelligence, computer science and immersive technologies, boosting capacity and expertise.

What to Expect

PDC helps organizations to rethink learning through cutting edge educational technology and a thorough understanding of human behaviour.

Whichever the industry, PDC’s A9R platform provides a unique 4D Adaptive Learning solution that is developed to meet the exact needs of your organisation. From reskilling to upskilling, our combination of brain science, computer science and learning science will unleash collective cognitive potential to build stronger employee skill sets.

Time to LEARN!

Our solutions are delivered as a blended package that includes ILT, VILT and 4D Adaptive Learning. The 4D adaptive engines’ real-time restructuring of content ensures that individual employees are given topics that are not too challenging, or too easy. Instead, the 4D adaptive engine keeps the individual on the most efficient learning path, while at the same time creating a truly positive and engaging learning experience.

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1. Develop your own content or let us help

PDC can help enable a collective learning experience through a variety of tools and services ─ making your content versatile, relevant and actionable for all employees.

2. Formative Assessment

Our adaptive approach teaches by asking questions. These probes drive the biological adaptive engine and provide a comprehensive assessment of the employees understanding of the material.

3. Recharge – Personalized refresher to ensure maintenance of proficiency

The human brain requires multiple exposures to stimuli to build long-term memories.

Our adaptive learning platform helps repeat exposure to each employee’s most challenging learning items to “recharge” memories and strengthen understanding.

4. Confidence Assessment

By selecting a confidence level for each answer, the learner reflects on their response – immediately improving their accuracy and cognition, while simultaneously generating key data for the biological adaptive engine to work with.

Top Benefits of PDC/A9R’s Personalized Adaptive Learning Platform


Reduce learning time by up to 50%


Boost knowledge, skill acquisition and self-awareness


Improved engagement and productivity


Save costs on training