Integrating biological adaptive learning with blended learning strategies

In a time of unparalleled change in the corporate field, businesses need a more innovative way to deliver online learning. Advanced adaptive learning is the answer for the 21st century employee.

Populus Development Consulting (PDC) is a training provider specialising in customised hard and soft skill solutions that are complimentary by design. 

There are a vast number of products and services available today which provide much frustration to the learning and development professional intent on providing their company with integrated and relevant solutions.

At Populus Development Consulting we believe that sustainable organisational growth is only possible by aligning people with systems and processes.  Aligning people with their innermost thoughts and processes prepare them for sustainable engagement with colleagues, systems and processes. This results in improved staff morale, improved KPI dashboard scores and improved ROI on training budgets.

Commission us to empower your most valuable asset through integrated behavioural data, hard and soft skills training and business coaching.

Benefits of our Training


Our solution, which may include a customised course, analyses the nature of your problem in terms of hard and soft skills gaps that are contributing to the problem.


Our solution takes into consideration the EQ requirement that is essential for staff to
effectively transfer the hard and soft skills into your business units.


A standardised or customised solution is designed and developed to specifically fit your context.

When partnering with us for your hard and soft skills solution, you will experience reduced training time by up to 50%, guaranteed staff proficiency, data analytics to validate training budget and identification of future training needs.

Our PDC design & development process includes content creation and curation, we also re-engineer your existing content to align to advanced adaptive learning algorithms.

The most efficient use of time and resources

Industry leading organizations are fully aware that in order to be successful in today’s dynamic work environment, it’s imperative to optimize the skills and outcomes of their most valuable assets, their people.

PDC helps organisations to rethink learning through cutting edge educational technology and a thorough understanding of human behaviour.


Client Engagement

Our blended solutions reskill and upskill employees at a faster rate, deploying learning experiences that quickly close technical and soft skill gaps relevant to job outputs that contribute to organizational strategy and goals.

We Offer

  1. ILT, vILT & Advanced Adaptive Learning
  2. Hard & soft skill content creation & curation
  3. Delivery & de-brief of Online behavioural assessments
  4. Professional Integral Coaching
  5. Seamless integration with 3rd party LMS’s